Aesthetic Gynaecology

Cosmetic gynecology is the latest revolution in the beautiful field that changes female external genitalia appearance to look younger and more natural. These are procedures which are cosmetic in nature and some medically necessary to be performed. They are done to either boost up the function or to improve the appearance or both. This is one of the fastest growing surgical procedures, with this women increasingly realize that they don’t have to simply accept something that’s making them unhappy. We come up with women every day who have either always been upset with their vagina or have become disappointed due to natural changes from childbirth, aging or weight loss.

With the growing age and life stages the vagina and the labia change its appearance and its structure too, it not only hampers the feeling of self-worth in a woman but also restricts her from enjoying sexual activities completely and Cosmetic Gynaecology emerges as the savior in such situations.


Aesthetic gynecology treatments in Revival Clinic:

Stress Urinary Incontinence Laser Treatment IncontiLase®

Laser Vaginal Tightening IntimaLase®

Exilis Protege Intima Firming / Shrinking Of Labia

Whitening of the anus and intimate areas

Enlargement Of G-Spot (augmentation)

Labiaplasty – Reshaping Or Reducing The Size Of The Labia Minora

Labia enlargement

Scars reduction after caesarean section

Laser piglets removal in intimate areas