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Concerns about the way your vagina looks or feels are surprisingly common, especially as natural life events such as childbirth and aging can fundamentally change the appearance of the vagina in an adverse fashion.
Concerns about the way your vagina looks or feels are surprisingly common, especially as natural life events such as childbirth and aging can fundamentally change the appearance of the vagina in an adverse fashion.

The good news is that laser treatment can improve appearance, sensation and function of your vagina, providing safe and effective relief from the symptoms and worry that these conditions can cause.

Typical issues raised include a general lack of confidence or satisfaction due to the cosmetic look of the vaginal area, a loss of sensation / satisfaction during intercourse, stress incontinence (such as leaking urine when you sneeze) or urge incontinence (having to rush to the toilet at short notice), and vaginal prolapse – a bulge or heaviness in the vagina or lower abdomen.

Laser vaginal tightening, also known as LVR (Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation) is a safe and efficient non-surgical process involving lasers for vaginal rejuvenation. That means the process is non- invasive and do not involve heavy cuts or bleeding. They use lasers to make incisions and promote the growth of collagen to revive the vagina to initial condition.

The process involves less bleeding and also, does not need tissue clamping. It aims at helping women in improving the appearance and health of their vagina.

The laser vaginal tightening strengthens and tightens vagina for improved results in sexual fulfillment and helps women who undergo urinary incontinence.

You must have an open discussion with our doctor regarding every aspect of laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure before you decide to go with it.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation:

  • The vaginal rejuvenation using different method that offers various benefits to women such as:
  • Your vagina and surrounding muscles will return to nearly the tightness you had in your youth or before pregnancies.
  • A re-contoured, trim vagina may boost your self-confidence.
  • You may find that wearing clothing, such as bikini bottoms or panties, is enhanced by your sleek new shape.
  • Significant enhancement of vaginal muscles.
  • Improved, healthy and toned vaginal muscles.
  • Reduced size of internal & external vaginal diameters.
  • Improved and enhanced sexual gratification.
  • Getting vagina back to its normal condition.
  • Feeling apt sensation during intercourse and thus, enjoying a satisfying pleasure in sex.
  • Increased confidence in wearing dresses that show up your improved shape through surgical vaginal rejuvenation.

From 1700 zł 

About 30 min 

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Number of treatment’s sessions

Session treatment’s intervals

4-6 weeks


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Frequently Asked Questions


It is incredibly common for a woman to have concerns about the look of this area as well as its function as often a woman’s vaginal muscles lose tone as part of the ageing process, or after childbirth and this can cause much embarrassment, discomfort,  loss of sensitivity or friction during sexual intercourse  and can affect sexual satisfaction and often cause frustration for both yourself and your partner.


  • pregnancy and lactation period
  • taking medications sensitive to radiation
  • damage and / or active infection in the treated area
  • undiagnosed vaginal bleeding
  • active menstruation
  • porphyria
  • severe systemic disease
  • recognized, suspected, or passed breast cancer
  • passed or active thromboembolic disease


During your consultation your doctor will advise you to stop smoking, drinking and/or taking aspirin or certain other medications prior to your surgery as this can affect or slow down the healing process.  Our doctor specialist will discuss this with you at length and guide you as to when would be suggested to resume taking these.

Description of the procedure

The first step of the Intimalase treatment is the exposure of the vaginal tract on its entire length to the laser light . We use the special observe laser device and the special adaptor which sends the correct laser bundle. Thanks to those devices we can exposure whole vagina canal to the laser light easy and quickly. During each exposure the applied energy is 90J. This is done through a special sequence, which, creates nonablative and completely controlled exclusively thermal effect on the walls of the vagina, causing immediate contraction of tissue and remodeling the collagen as well as a new collagen synthesis in the mucosa membrane of the vagina.


The second step consists of exposing to the laser light the entrance to the vagina and the vulval vestibule. To perform this procedure is indispensable a special laser head emitting a bundle straight ahead. During the process, energy is supplied. During the treatment is not required the use of anesthesia, and immediately after the treatment you can return to ordinary, everyday activity. The treatment normally lasts from 40 to 60 min


IntimaLase® is a unique, patent-pending Er:YAG laser therapy for incisionless, non-invasive photothermal tightening of the vaginal canal. Clinical studies have shown that IntimaLase is an efficient, easy-to-perform, and safe procedure.

The indication for IntimaLase is vaginal relaxation syndrome, which is the loss of the optimum structural form of the vagina. This condition is generally associated with overstretching of the vaginal canal during childbirth as well as with natural aging.

Abstracts of published scientific studies examining the effectiveness and safety of Fotona SMOOTH® laser therapy in gynecology can be found in the following Compendium of Clinical Studies.

Recommendations after procedure

You have to follow the instructions given by your doctor

After the treatment, you should avoid the sexual activity for a month, during a month after the tratment you may apply gel with estrogen 2 times a week, and after two months you should come for a control visit


Treatment session 1 session 2 session
Stress Urinary Incontinence Laser Treatment 3000 PLN     1700 PLN 2700 PLN
Laser Vaginal Tightening IntimaLase® 3000 PLN      1700 PLN  2700 PLN
Laser Vaginal Tightening IntimaLase® + Stress Urinary Incontinence Laser Treatment 6000 PLN     2500 PLN 3500 PLN
Vaginal contouring / vontouring Exilis Protégé Intima 600 PLN 1050 PLN
Laser Anal Bleaching 700 PLN 1200 PLN
Laser genital bleaching 800 PLN 1360 PLN
Laser Anal end genital bleaching 1120 PLN 1900 PLN



Treatment Cena
Stress Urinary Incontinence Laser Treatment+ Vaginal contouring / vontouring Exilis Protégé Intima 4000 PLN     2150 PLN
Laser genital bleaching + Vaginal contouring / vontouring Exilis Protégé Intima

1 session

2 sessions



1800 PLN     1400 PLN

3000 PLN     2400 PLN