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Get ready for the summer! How to get a perfectly shaped body?

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20% Summer discount on Exilis treatments

Exilis is a procedure based on the innovative RII technology (Recognition Isolation Inactivation) thanks to the combination of ultrasound therapy with radiofrequency. This method has an excellent slimming and rejuvenating effect.

Exilis is a breakthrough system that dissolves body fat and contours your body. It is a competitive method for invasive liposuction and lipolysis. The Exilis treatment can be used on all skin phototypes throughout the year.

When the heat penetrates the skin, the surrounding fat cells overheat and then eventually die. The dead fat cells are then flushed out through the lymphatic system. And even more importantly, the heat stimulates the production of collagen, which tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and adds volume back into the skin.

Take advantage of Revival Clinic’s offer today and prepare your body for the summer.


Exilis facial treatments

Skin lifting (face, neck, cleavage):

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Increased skin volume
  • Improving the face oval
  • Reduction of drooping skin on the cheeks
  • Double chin reduction

We offer a 20% discount on the following prices:

Area 1 treatment 4 treatments
Face 400 PLN 1200 PLN
Eyes 180 PLN 540 PLN
Neck 300 PLN 900 PLN
Cleavage 300 PLN 900 PLN
Face + neck 500 PLN 1500 PLN
Face + neck+ cleavage 600 PLN 1800 PLN
Lips contouring 250 PLN 750 PLN
Chin – fat reduction 300 PLN 900 PLN

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Exilis body treatments

Reduction of body fat (thighs, stomach, love handles, shoulders):

  • Significant reduction of cellulite
  • Reduction of body circumferences
  • Firming and adding volume to the skin

We offer a 20% discount on the following prices:

Treated areas: belly, sides, thighs front, thigh rear, inner thighs, arms, buttocks. (Prices for 1 specific area) Price
1 treatment 400 PLN
4 treatments 1200 PLN
6 treatments 1560 PLN
Every additional area – 40% (both from the regular price and the package price)


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